This is without a doubt one of the shortest in terms of horizontal distance, but biggest in terms of rappel distance. The gorgeous environment in which the descent starts being more open, and the fantastic formation of its gorge, make a surely recommendable ravine which will be a classic. The descent can be divided in two parts. The first oneis a very narrow zone, guarded by tall wals that can be passed with 5 rappels (the largest one is 18 meters long). The second part, with a wider riverbed, has some projections and 2 small rappels.

PDF Facts

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PERSONAL CAPABILITIES                                                  

  •  Not suitable for pregnant women                   
  • Must not suffer from vértigo.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING                                                
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Footwear suitable for advancing in the mountains. (We recommend Mountain Trekking boots.)
  • Hydration: 1.5 L of water Minimum

  • Full name and ID of the participants for the insurances.
  • A phone number for us to contact you.
  • A mailing address for us to send you the receipt.