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From EUR 45

The lithogenic development this chasm is of such beauty that it is imperative to visit chamber to fully admire all its beauty.
The chasm opens its mouth in a vertical drop of 15 Metres. The floor is made of different tipes of rubble, amorphous and fallen pieces of the ceiling and walls. The left wall is very irregular, creating ledges and inlets, while the right wall ascends jomogenously almos vertically, formed of mottled columns, stalactites and stalagmites.
The cave does not show many problems for its exploration, barring the dact that it is extremely slippery.

From EUR 45

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PDF Facts

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PERSONAL CAPABILITIES                                 

  • Not apt for pregnant women.                         
  • Must not suffer from Claustrophobia.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING                                               
  • Comfortable and fitting clothes for under the overalls. Clothes to change oneself after the activity.           
  • Sports footwear. We recommend mountain boots. Extra footwear for after the activity.
  • We recommend bringing work gloves (mud will be present).
  • Hydration: 1'5L of water minimum.
  • Solar protection (a cap and some sunscreen) plus wind and rain protection (light raincoat).
  • Some Lunch
  • Full name and ID of the participants for the booking of the insurances
  • Approximate height for the preparation of the overalls.
  • A contact phone number
  • A mailing adress for us to send you the recipient.



  • Full name and ID number of the participants for hiring insurance.
  • Approximate height to prepare the sizes of monkeys.
  • A mobile phone contact
  • A mailing address for the billing department.


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