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The “Cova del Somo”, has serves as a shelter for pastors, hinters, crooks and fugitives. This cave is inhabited by a small being called Somodytes Escolai, up to this moment unique in the world and only found in this cave? Will you be able to see it?
This cave has a total distance of 1318 m. and a maximum depth of -77 m. After the entrance a steep descending ramp goes on until it hits an ample chamber. To the left, a narrow passage with the shape of a balcony, which we will use to descend with the help of a  handrail, we will do some rappel and contemplate a multitude of formations (estalactites, estalagmites, etc.)

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PDF Facts

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PERSONAL CAPABILITIES                                 

  • Not apt for pregnant women.                         
  • Must not suffer from Claustrophobia.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING                                               
  • Comfortable and fitting clothes for under the overalls. Clothes to change oneself after the activity.           
  • Sports footwear. We recommend mountain boots. Extra footwear for after the activity.
  • We recommend bringing work gloves (mud will be present).
  • Hydration: 1'5L of water minimum.
  • Solar protection (a cap and some sunscreen) plus wind and rain protection (light raincoat).
  • Some Lunch
  • Full name and ID of the participants for the booking of the insurances
  • Approximate height for the preparation of the overalls.
  • A contact phone number
  • A mailing adress for us to send you the recipient.


  1. Castell de Castells