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The formation of this ravine is divided in two part: the first one is very open, with a bit of vegetation, and the second part is morphologicaly completely different. Because it’s unique formation, we are able to enjoy its beauty and, while we can also have fun with its jumps and slides. Esta segunda parte es saltable en su totalidad.

Ambas se ven delimitadas por la entrada del barranco del Sord, que parte hacia la mitad del barranco aproximadamente; en este punto hay una senda de escape a la derecha aguas abajo.

MINIMUN AND MAXIMUN Nº: Minimum 4, Maximum 15                               


SEASON All year

LOCATION OF THE ACTIVITY Callosa d’En Sarrià - Abdet                   

MEETING POINT:  AP-7, Exit nº 64 (Altea)

DIFFICULTY LEVELL: Level II – Medium                            

 Level Advanced II: Requires high physical condition and it will carry high levels of adrenaline.

TYPE: Aquatic               

APROXIMATE DURATION: Half a day. 4 hours.                     

 MINIMUN AGE: Older than 18 years old.

From EUR 40

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It’s necessesary to know how to swim.
Not suitable for pregnant women.                 

Must not suffer vertigo.

QUE NECESITAN TRAER                                                

Comfortable and close fitting clothes so the neoprene can adjust well.
Footwear suitable for advancing in the mountains. (We recommend Mountain Trekking boots.)
A Towel and Dry Clothes to change oneself when the activity has ended.
Hydration: 1.5 L of water Minimum.


Full name and ID of the participants for the insurances..
Approximate height and weight of the participants in order to prepare acordingly the neoprene.
A phone number for us to contact you.
A mailing address for us to send you the receipt.

TARIFA: Level II Ravine  -  Mela -   40 € / participant


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