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We are born to offer our services of excitement, adventure, leisure and training to all those who decide to spend their free time enjoying nature, basing our services on QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, SATEFY and TRAINING.

Our desire is to share with our customers the passion for the mountains of Alicante and the Costa Blanca and respect for them, revealing spaces and surprising aspects for the greatness of its simplicity.

Our goal is to discover the senses surprising, unexpected and unknown natural spaces.

Our hope is to keep the balance between the management and use of natural resources and conservation of what we want most.

We work in the regions of the north of the province of Alicante and the Costa Blanca. You can find out from one of the best canyons in Spain, even the best cliffs of the Costa Blanca.

Canyoning, caving, kayaking, kayak cruises, coastering, and a host of emotions and adventures within reach of everyone s.

We are also specialized in outdoor training and events for companies and groups.

Working protocol in the UNE 188003 standard Active Tourism Quality. - In SICTED certification process.



Can we think of the sea we come to mind the summer, the beach, the parasol, in short, the Good life. You have memories of when you were little, of the sand castles, of your parents, your grandparents, your family. But it's time to create new memories, don't you think? So we propose the kayak, but make no mistake, the kayak, is not just a sport, "is a way of seeing life" every time you enter the sea, it is a mixture of sensations, fun and new experiences. The contact with the water, its sound and the feeling as you flow on the surface gives you a well-being that will make you disconnect from everything around you. Because discovering, understanding and exploring makes you feel bigger than you could ever imagine.Therefore, we enjoy sharing experience with you and seeing how you live your emotions.  

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Canyoning. Gorgo de la Escalera. Emotions soaking.

Do you want to feel the adrenaline? If you're one of them, what's holding you back? Imagine this situation, a booming nature, a couple of friends, people who are passionate about their work and an experience that has a lot of adrenaline. Canyoning is a sport that will take you through hidden corners, that you would never have imagined. In this experience do not think twice, let go, jump and immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the ravines, yes, yes, you read it well,  jump, because the feeling of freefall will give you an adrenaline, that will make you want to repeat many times more, this incredible experience. And especially enjoy, because that is what we, fill us.  

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DESCRIPTION The kayak is a type of canoe in which the practitioner will sit facing the bow (front) in the direction of travel, and hands worn as a propellant two-bladed paddle. Walk the water aboard a kayak and discover places that are unreachable on foot. Embark on an adventure aboard this lightweight, versatile boat that is the kayak. MAXIMUM AND MINIMUM Nº: Minimum 4, Maximum 22                                                     INSTRUCTOR – COSTUMER RATIO: 2/10 LOCATION OF THE ACTIVITY: Les Rotes - Denia  MEETING POINT: Next to Mena Restaurant, in les Rotes Parking DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Sports Level I: Requires certain physical prowess and will carry a certain level of adrenaline.                    APPROXIMATE DURATION: Half a day.                                                     MINIMUM AGE: Older than 18 years old. SEASON: From June to October. Other dates must be                                                                                               

COSTA BLANCA IN KAYAK enjoyment and discovery of the beautiful landscapes of the Costa Blanca

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION WEEKLY.   Enjoy the Costa Blanca all year aboard kayaks sea. Best Sea Kayaking Itineraries for the CostaBlanca, departing from Denia. Program 4 days of activity with different routes, with the aim of enjoyment and discovery of the beautiful landscapes of the Costa Blanca, aboard a kayak Mar. DAY 1. DENIA-JAVEA-DENIA. Route in which we discover the MARINA reseva tota CAPE SAN ANTONIO AND NATURAL PARK MONTGÓ VSITO FROM THE SEA.     DAY 2 Xabia and Calas. A path where we will enjoy some of the best beaches on the Costa de Xabia, aboard kayaks.     DAY 3 GRANADELLA AND CAVES From the Cala Granadella, considered one of the best beaches of Spain, crossing incredible cliffs sure you surprised by its hidden emotions. Cova del Llop Marí, Cova del Cap, Coveta de l'aiga blava etc ... DAY 4. The other BENIDORM.- Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada. The Natural Park Serra Gelada is eminently aquatic, with its 4,920 must sea. Hence one of the most attractive ways to discover this natural space is sailing through its waters. Municipalities within the scope of the park, we can find a total of five ports (two of which are marinas and fishing), from which you can access your marina. From the port of Benidorm you can easily reach the island of the same name or "l'Illa" (free access only the four that are in the park), taking a boat locally known as "swallow" or "passejadora". Once on the island, we can go through the path that will lead us to the summit and from which privilagiada will have a view of much of the region of Marina Baixa. Food Picnic by FORESTIA.   No minimum and maximum Minimum 2, maximum 4 RATIO MONITOR - 1/4 CUSTOMERS SEASON All year.


DESCRIPTION Course aimed at people who already shovel but want to improve their technique and learn advanced maneuvers. In an idyllic setting, we will learn what to do if we are alone and we pour, as reembarcar just offshore. Have done is asked the Baptism of Sea Kayaking or Level Test OBJECTIVES. Entrench a good technique paleo low support and high support. Edging the kayak Driving kayak by canting Self-rescue with paddle float in deep water Sailing in different sea conditions IT INCLUDES Deportivo Canoeing technician. BCU Three Stars. Kayak Vest Shovel sprayskirt Neopreno Kayak jacket Liability insurance and accident insurance. No. Minimum and Maximum: Minimum 1 maximum 3 RATIO MONITOR - CUSTOMERS: 1/3 PLACE OF ACTIVITY: Denia MEETING POINT: TBA. DIFFICULTY: Deportivo Level I: requires some physical effort and a certain level of adrenaline. APPROXIMATE DURATION: 4/5 hours. Minimum age: 18 years. SEASON: All year.


DESCRIPTION Depending on the chosen level, they will sail approximately: LEVEL CROSSING 1 IA Approximate distance: 4.5 miles - 8 Km LEVEL 2 TRAVESIA about adistancia: 8.5 miles - 15 km. The activity is to take a tour of sea kayaking with our guides. We started the activity with management exercises and safety kayak, reviewing the main maneuvers to be performed in a kayak. We sailed along the cliffs of the Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio, visiting: Cova del Aiguadolç, Cova Tallada, Cova Negra, Cova of Arc .... Crossing in Level 2, we disembark in the Cape of San Antonio, where we will eat picnic included in the Level 2 service. During the crossing different stops and will take the opportunity to make some Snorkeling, diving ... etc ... No. Minimum and Maximum: Minimum 2, maximum 10 RATIO MONITOR - CUSTOMERS: 2 10 kayaks PLACE OF ACTIVITY: Denia MEETING POINT: The Trampoli. The Denia Rotas. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Level II - Media                                Advanced II Level: It requires fitness and leads to high levels of adrenaline. APPROXIMATE DURATION: Jornada. MINIMUM AGE: Over 18 years. SEASON: All year. WHAT INCLUDES Guides / qualified instructors. Technical Level I Canoeing Sports. Sports Technical Level II. Kayak Guide Mar. Certificate 3stars BCU. Technician Sea Kayak Expeditions by NOLS. All necessary for the activity technical material. Photos of the activity for participants. Nominative accident insurance for each participant. Liability Insurance Company Tururac, S.L.

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