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Can we think of the sea we come to mind the summer, the beach, the parasol, in short, the Good life. You have memories of when you were little, of the sand castles, of your parents, your grandparents, your family.

But it's time to create new memories, don't you think?

So we propose the kayak, but make no mistake, the kayak, is not just a sport, "is a way of seeing life" every time you enter the sea, it is a mixture of sensations, fun and new experiences.
The contact with the water, its sound and the feeling as you flow on the surface gives you a well-being that will make you disconnect from everything around you.

Because discovering, understanding and exploring makes you feel bigger than you could ever imagine.Therefore, we enjoy sharing experience with you and seeing how you live your emotions.


From EUR 85

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PERSONAL CAPABILITIES                                 

  • Not apt for pregnant women.                          
  • Must not be prone to sea sickness.
  • MUST KNOW how to swim.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING                                
  • Comfortable fitting clothes, sports clothes or similar than can get wet.
  • Sports footwear that can get wet, and dry footwear to change oneself after the activity. Do NOT bring flip flops, loose beach footwear.
  • A towel and dry clothes to change oneself after the activity.
  • Hydration. 1'5 Liters of water minimum.
  • Solar Protection: cap and sunscreen.

  • Full name and ID of the participants for the insurances..
  • A phone number for us to contact you.
  • A mailing address for us to send you the receipt


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