Canyoning. Gorgo de la Escalera. Emotions soaking.

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From EUR 50

Do you want to feel the adrenaline? If you're one of them, what's holding you back? Imagine this situation, a booming nature, a couple of friends, people who are passionate about their work and an experience that has a lot of adrenaline.
Canyoning is a sport that will take you through hidden corners, that you would never have imagined. In this experience do not think twice, let go, jump and immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the ravines, yes, yes, you read it well,  jump, because the feeling of freefall will give you an adrenaline, that will make you want to repeat many times more, this incredible experience. And especially enjoy, because that is what we, fill us.

From EUR 50

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PDF Facts

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-Indispensable Know how to swim.

No suitable for pregnant.

Not having vertigo.


comfortable and adjusted to below the neoprene clothes.
shoes suitable for mountain progression (we recommend hiking boots)
Towel and dry clothes to change into after the activity.
Hydration: minimum 1.5 L of water


Full name and ID number of the participants for hiring insurance.
Height and approximate weight of the participants to prepare the carvings of the wetsuits.
A mobile phone contact
A mailing address for the billing department.


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