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Disconnects office increases the redimiento and enjoy.

Ideal for work teams of your company,

Activities organized in the natural environment, fun tests that combine skill, dexterity, intuition ...

We design your incentive to the letter:

We listen: Their claims, objectives, dates

We think: We meet all the team, we look for an option for your goals.

The Idea: We propose our idea, place, date, type of activities and budget.

We organize: Do not worry ... about anything ... leave everything in our hands, just enjoyment.


OUTDOOR TRAINING                 

Outdoor training where learning is based on live experiences led in common situations and environments, in order to come to the knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses.


  • Custom design.
  • Excellence in the process of activity
  • Reflection and subsequent conceptualization of activity.
  • Transfer and consolidation of the company changes.
  • Tracking transfer activities.

Competencies to develop:

  • Leadership.
  • Decision making.
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Interpersonal communication.
  • Teamwork.
  • Etc.


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All our activities include: 

Guides / qualified instructors .

Espedeología sports technicians , Barrancos , Monitors Active Tourism , technicians Senderos , Etc.

All the technical equipment for carrying out the activities.       

   All material for the implementation of activities is owned by TURURAC .

Photos of activities for the participants.        

  Regardless of the medium in which it can be performed.

Nominative accident insurance for each participant, with unlimited medical assistance Concerted health centers .        

  Policy Number 17195241 AXA GENERAL INSURANCE .

Liability Insurance for an amount of 1,502,000 euros.       

 Policy Number 17195239 AXA GENERAL INSURANCE .



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